Audio stretching software

I was wondering if there is software that can be used to do complicated stretching operations on audio. For example, I’ve got videos from VHS source which I want to overdub, however the VHs audio is stretched to different degrees throughout so I can’t simply overdub it. I want to stretch the new audio so it fits roughly around the original.

If that doesn’t make any sense imagine this -
I’ve synchronised the beginning of the files using multi-track software and stretched the new audio so it’s also synchronised at the end. However, it’s not synchronised in the middle!
This is my situation, does anyone know a way around this?

Adobe Premiere.

The tape has to be digitized…firewire capture in AP

The audio can be split, cut up, moved around, cleaned, tweaked, and stretched…whatever you like.

Thanks, I’ll have a dabble.

Aha! Thanks alot this does the job fine.