Audio Streams In CloneDVD2 -which stream?

Hi just a question on audio streams…um when creating a dvd movie for 5.1 (or 8.1 -but 5 will do me :stuck_out_tongue: ), do i need to include both English Dolby AC-3/6 and English DTS/6 audio streams :confused: or can i just use one? and is the one the AC-3/6 stream?

You don’t have to choose both streams. The first stream you have mentioned is for dolby sound. The other is for dts, which is an alternative to dolby. If you want to play the dvd on the computer, you probably have to choose dolby, because the computer doesn’t play dts sound.

Also the DTS stream tends to be very big so removing that reduces the amount of compression required to fit an SL disk.