Audio stream ripper of Spotify

Hello guys,

I’m actually sorta new to this whole thing so please bare with me.:confused:

I was basically looking for a converter program for some music files I wanna transfer on my cell phone’s memory card and I also stumbled on this Tunebite app.
Did I read wrong or Tunebite can also be used as an audio stream ripper and I could actually record Spotify tracks or something like that with it, for example?

I know this might sound silly, but how does that actually work?:bigsmile:

Sorry lessjames, I´ve only just spotted your post.

I have never used Tunebite…but there are lots of converters available. I usually recommend Format Factory as a good all-round converter (does video as well as audio)…but don´t go lower than 64kbps for you mp3.

As for recording live streams I like to use Audacity

I hope that helps, and maybe by reactivating this thread someone else may be able to help you with Tunebite specifically.

Same for me on Tunebite I’ve never used it.
Although Format Factory will convert to .mp3 if you want better quality use dBpowerAmp or Besweet .
You can verify this with EncSpot.
That being said there is never a need to increase the bits beyond what it is on the files you already have. This will only increase size but not quality. You can improve listening quality by turning most mono into 2 channel. It won’t be stereo but I’ve found a duplicate mono sounds better to my ears.