Audio stream question



Whats a better setting Dolby AC3/2 or MPEG? I notice when I remove either one the quality gets better.


“Mpeg” audio stream where you’ve seen this? :confused:


It really depends on your sound system. AC3/2 is Dolby Digital 5.1 and is always my choice. Obviously having only a single audio stream means higher quality for the video on a single layer DVD.

Mpeg audio is mp2 that can be the output from video conversion suites like DVD2SVCD. Any TV series I d/l will get converted to this when I burn them for viewing. Showing the details on my Pioneer DVD Player will show either AC3/2 or Mpeg 2ch.


I know but i was more confused cause i’ve never seen mp2 in clonedvd.


AC3/2 is Dolby Surround (2.1)
AC3/6 is Dolby Digital 5.1

Just to clarify.


Fair enough.


Yeah in this case i was more in the world of tmpg enc where you can select at startup pcm and mp2 for audio. :slight_smile: