Audio stopped working

I have a self built computer using an Intel motherboard. A while back the sound starting turning itself on and off. Finally there is no sound at all. I have uninstalled the audio driver several times in Device Manager. When I click on the audio icon on the notification bar it automatically goes to the troubleshooter which cannot find any problem.

If I go to Control Panel, Sounds it says no device installed.

In Device manager it says the audio device is working correctly. I am beginning to wonder if the onboard audio has failed but don’t have and audio card to check. I would like to make sure, if the onboard audio has failed, before I order a card.

Anyone with any ideas.

In Device Manager you can uninstall the audio device itself…the hardware, not just the driver. Do this and reboot and see if the operating system finds the “new” hardware and reinstalls it and the driver.

But that’s the only shot I have for you.

An Asus pci-e sound card isn’t dirt cheap. Lowest price I see at Amazon is this one, for $35 and a $10 rebate.

Could it be the device and/or the jack you are using to listen to the audio?

Thanks Kerry 56 for the reply. Tried that several times, didn’t fix the problem

Thanks gonca, thought of that so I plugged the speakers into the front speaker jack and still no sound. I really wonder if the onboard audio has failed.

What has me confused is Device Manager says the audio is working. Yet if I right click on the volume icon on the notification bar and click and click on playback devices I am told no audio devices are installed.

Can you try different speakers
Device Manager is saying all is good odds are that the audio system is okay, though its possible its wrong

Should have mentioned that I tried a known good set of speakers with same results. Thanks.

You should download a live Linux cd/dvd and try it. Something like Mint or Ubuntu should work ok.

This will run from memory and doesn’t affect your installed operating system. If the audio hardware works in Linux, then you know that the hardware is still good and the problem is in the Windows installation.