Audio speed shift




I’ve been using GoldWave 5.16 and the newest Gold Wave to alter the speed of audio WAVE recordings, eg make faster or slower.
I have noticed with both versions of Gold Wave sometimes I get a little .6th of a second gap in the recording, making it sound the same as a skip on a CD, it’s always a .6th of a second.
Does anybody know why this happens, is this a bug that Gold Wave needs to fix ?

It would be really great if someone could please point me towards a “free” program with unlimited usage that I could use to shift the speed of audio WAVE files.

Thanks in advance for any help.



You could try Audactiy. I have used this in the past to edit audio and it has loads of features I sometimes cannot find on some very expensive retail products.

I have had no problems with adjusting musi run-time by increasing its speed and never seen the gaps you talk of while using it.


Thanks for that !, I tested on 2 WAVE files and it looks like it should do the job, I noticed with slowing down the play speed it seems to run with 2/10th’s of a second difference to the GoldWave program but that’s no problem…


Yep, over a 3min song speed shift definately runs 2/10th’s a second faster than GoldWave, over a 90 minute concert the overall difference to GoldWave was 7.5 seconds.