Audio Speed Messed Up, Please Help

Hi All,

I am trying to do something that I have done a million times in the past but for some reason is now not working.

I am using Nero 6.6 and I am trying to make and audio CD from mp3 files.

the problem is that all the tracks are messed up. it seemes to go about 5-10 seconds of the track audio at double speed than silence for the rest of the track.

Please any help would be great


I assume all the mp3 files play normally prior to being burned?

How are you putting the mp3 files on the CD-Nero Burning ROM or SoundTrax, or what? Maybe just describe your process.

Have you loaded any new software since the last time it worked correctly? Have you checked for an update to Nero?

Try Burrrn ( . It’s free & much simpler than Nero for Audio CDs & often works where Nero fails.