Audio Sliderz 2... go... anyone?!?



Hi'ya all, I trust your all well?!
Well, anywho, CD Freaks, where would we be without you guyz! Been using you site before, but thought it was about time I signed up & did my part!

OK, to cut to the crap, as this is important, well to me anyway...

I use 'Audio Sliders 2' abit, due using a laptop, that uses hotkeys (FN) to increase and decrease the volume. However 'AS2' has many useful features to it.
The first being free'n'fun, but the second, not as cheery as we would all like...

...So I'm sure you know what I'm gonna say next... Yep, anyone got that 'magic' key or even a road (site address) where I may find such a delight?
Trust me, I've tried many, but NO success. may theres something even better out there that I just don't know of, so anyone?!

Thanks for your time & help everyone!
You won't be forgotten!

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