Audio skips after burning in Windows XP

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I’ve never had any burning trouble till now. I’ve been trying to backup my Jim Croce CD with Nero. First I tried the CD copier, and no go. (CD doesn’t read) Then I created an audio cd through Nero. Now playback has skips and sounds distorted! The same thing happens when burning in EZ CD Creator!

Has copy protection been added to XP, EZ or Nero? I’ve tried everything: Copy to HD first, switch cables etc.

Windows XP Pro
HD’s 7200 RPM as Masters on different Channels (ATA133)
Toshiba 16X SD-1612 DVD-ROM on Primary Master (ATA100) UDMA 2
Liteon 40X (125W firm) burner on Seconday Master (ATA100) UDMA 2
Digital Audio enabled on both CD drives - connected to an Audigy Gamer

Any suggestions?

rip and burn at low speeds

For ripping and burning audio you should try Feurio or EAC

is this a new cd, because it could be that there is a copy protection on the cd.
Then you should backup it with clonecd.
Or you can try as damiandimitri said with eac or feurio
good luck

Tried EAC. Still no go! Ripped first from Toshiba. There is still a ton of distortion. Strange!?

I’m losing my cd’s!

CD audio is crisp and clear on my Yamaha CD player, but still an echoing after effect of distortion.

Going to try ripping on Liteon, and burning on Liteon to rule out bad Toshiba drive.

Before I try ripping on Toshiba:

When I play back the converted wav files, they sound fine.
When I play the CD in Liteon, there is distortion.
When I play the CD in Toshiba, it won’t play at all.

Has anyone heard of XP adding skips and hiccups to CD’s? Thoughts?

microsoft has released some patches for cd burning…

install the patches from their upgrade-webside