Audio Skipping


Everytime i burn an audio CD, the audio seems to skip. Especially at the start of a track. I have tried burning using my desktop and laptop and I have same result, meaning that my media is at fault. I’m using Benq cd’s. Are these any good?

What would you recommend for audio, especially as i’m going to be playing tracks out live on a dj set via cd turntables. What speed should the CD be burnt?

What program are you using to burn? That could be the problem. Also if you’re copying a cd, how are you copying it? The best way to copy a cd IMO is, extract to a .wav file using Exact Audio Copy and then burn your disc using pratically anything except the built-in Windows burning feature. EAC is better than most programs because they sometimes don’t extract audio accurately. In the past i’ve used programs where i actually got pops and clicks in the audio.

i’m using Nero. I’m not copying CD’s sorry, i’m burning an Audio CD from selected MP3/WAV files

Try Burrrn ( It’s free & does a fine job.

There are many threads here where members have had problems burning Audio CDs with Nero.

Burn at 16x or 24x.

What are you using to create your wav and mp3 files?

the audio has been exported from Cubase audio sequencer. The mp3’s are just downloaded ones. I havent had any problems with this before

Nero 7 has a known bug that makes Audio CDs burnt from mp3s skip. Try something else like Burrrn.