Audio session + data session after it?

Hi guys,
I’m looking for a way to burn audio CDs with PC data after the audio. I know there are ways to do it, but I haven’t been able to find anything satisfactory. Maybe I’ve been looking at the wrong solutions, so I’m asking for advice or hints, I’ll be grateful for any help anyone can give me.

This is what I want to do:

  1. Record WAVs and be able to edit gap length, title and artist name with cd-text. No laser pause (hence no click) between tracks. Audio should be unprotected and readable on a standalone player (i.e. car stereo), data track should be only visible on PC (and unprotected). Player should start normally at track 1 (so no mixed mode) and stop at last track, or skip to next CD. I mean like any closed-session audio-only CD.

  2. Data track should contain whatever PC file I want (PDF, MPEG, EXE), appendable if possible but I can do without that. CD-Plus/Extra should be the solution, but I don’t want those useless folders like “CDPLUS” that Nero and others want to put in the layout. I don’t care about jacket pictures. I want to use any volume name and directory layout I prefer.

That’s all. I’ve tried dozens of burning programs and I haven’t been able to find anything that would simply do this. I’ve been unbelievably frustrated trying to burn multisession audio cds (some worked, some not). But maybe multisession isn’t the answer. So far, I’m stumped. I’m not having any problem – I could go ahead burning mixed mode and skipping track 1 – but it’s not very elegant. I just want to find the right way. Is there any software, or method, that will do this?

Thanks for any help or hint.

I do it like this:

I burn the audio track with Feurio, leaving the disc open. I guess you can do the same with Nero and disabling “Finalize disc”.

Then, I use Nero to burn the data track in mode2/XA and “No multisession”/TAO.

Of course, several audio sessions won’t work as audio players only recognize the 1st session.

Don’t ask me why, but choosing “Continue multisession disc” to burn the data track doesn’t work.
I have to choose “No multisession”… :eek: (you can’t see the left space doing this).
I have always thought that Nero is a bit stupid. Maybe it’s easier with other programs but I haven’t it.

A Workaround:

create audio cd with Nero as usual, but when Nero loads choose Image Recorder from the dropdown.
go through the same process as if creating a normal audio cd, but save the file when you press Burn as an NRG.

burn the NRG to a CD using Alcohol 120% with Audio Proflie but choose not to cloe the disc. then just add file or folders to that audio Cd with nero as a normal data cd. nero will give warnings but alllows you to ignore and continue burning. when done you have your custom CD Extras sans those nero folders you loath.

Thank you for all the replies, guys. Extremely appreciated.