Audio Selection?

If I back up my copy of Saw and want to keep 3 extras, this is what shows up on the left:

Title 1 AC3/6 EN, AC3/3 EN, AC3/2 EN dcmts.
Title 9 AC3/2 EN
Title 10 AC3/2 EN
Title 11 AC3/2 EN

Audio Streams
* EN Dolby AC-3/6
EN DTS ( not selected)
* EN Dolby AC-3/2
* EN Dolby AC-3/2 director comments

This is what shows up on the right with above selected:

Audio Properties
* Director’s Comments
Audio Channels
* 2 Channels
* 6 Channels
Audio Encoding
* Dolby AC-3

Out of these selections, what do I need to change? I want to be able to hear the three extras that I kept and the main movie. Is it correct the way I have everything selected right now? Can I deselect EN Dolby AC-3/2?

Sorry so long,
Thank you!