Audio seems to be causing choppy playback


I have a pc with the following specifications:

  • From my old HP 6740c, put into a new case until I can afford better:
    -Trigem Cognac motherboard (intel 810 chipset) - I use the onboard
    sound processor instead of a sound card
    -Celeron ~667Mhz
    -256 MB ram
    -PCI Voodoo 3 2000

  • 15GB main HD (~40% free)

  • 80GB secondary HD (~95% free)

  • Lite-On CD-RW

  • Benq DW-1620 DVD +/- R/RW

  • Windows XP Professional (SP2)

DVD related Software Installed:
-Nero OEM (showtime, etc.)
-AC3Filter codec ( - needed in order to get sound from Windows Media player 10

Now, my problem is with DVD playback - it’s jerky/choppy. I don’t care to use Nero for playback - I would like to use WMP 10. Nero played back with video and sound very but it was very jerky. WMP 10 played video smoothly but without sound; I installed the AC3 filter codec and got sound but the same jerky sound and video as Nero.

I have a feeling my sound (onboard) is not up to par, but that’s just an idea. I’ve played DVDs on much older systems (i.e., 450 Mhz K6-2, I think it had a PCI sound card that was based on the Sound Blaster, although it had AGP video), so then again…

If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

i assume you downloaded 0.70b version of ac3filter uninstall it and try this one which is newer if it wont help then obtain the latest onboard audio driver and see how it goes,anyway regardless i cant believe you got winxp on such pc first of 667mhz isnt good enough for xp second of 256 ram isnt either with such pc its best to have win98se

I concur. While you in THEORY only need a P3-450 to playback DVD, you have a number of factors working against you.

  1. Nero’s DVD codecs are a PIG. Even on a GOOD system, they suck. WMP10 just uses whoever’s decoder is installed, Microsoft does NOT provide a DVD decoder for Windows. So even though you’re using WMP10, you’re really using Nero… AND WMP10. Ouch.

  2. Your machine is marginal. Celeron 667 to playback a DVD at fullscreen? It’d run fine… if NOTHING ELSE WAS RUNNING. My guess? You have a bunch of stuff in the background, right?

As far as system tray stuff, I have AVG running. Generally, though, I try to keep it pretty lean, as far as startup and otherwise…

However…I’ve heard others say that Nero’s codec has been troublesome for them. Because my drive seems to have been packed with Nero codecs, what might my options be? Do I need to buy another codec, or can you download them?

One other thing - I took a look at the codec that WMP 10 was running - it was the intervideo codec, which may well be the Nero codec…??

Thanks again for the help and comments.

not likely, you have some intervideo software installed such as windvd right?..
anyway have a look up in previous reply i suggested few things that might help

No, the only other software that I have installed as far as DVD playback goes is Nero. Until that was installed, WMP does not recognize a DVD.

In any case, thanks for the help and the suggestions. From what I can tell, the consensus is that the playback problems are likely due to a lack of power, not configuration problems.

Thanks again!

and again from my first reply

Lack of power to run Nero’s shit codecs, not lack of power to play a DVD. Also might be lack of power to play a DVD while everything else is running.

And yeah, your audio drivers have SOMETHING to do with it of course, all your drivers do. But odds are that it’s not the audio drivers causing the skipping but rather just not enough CPU time. Happens on my friend’s machine all the time when he tries to watch XVID movies, his 1.2Ghz machine just is NOT powerful enough to decode fullscreen XVID.