Audio scratches



I would like to know which program is best to remove scratches
from a audio cd?:bow:


I assume you mean pops and clicks in the extracted audio files, for physical damage to an audio cd can not be undone by any software utility.

Pops and clicks can occur when a lower quality reader (with bad DAE capabilities) is used to extract the audio files). Best is to extract them again since I assume you own the original yourself (points to the rules)

If pops and clicks are due to the extraction of audio from records or cassette tapes, here are several programs that can help you eliminate them (but I doubt you will get a 100% success rate). Cooledit Pro, or more professional software from Steinberg (creator of Cubase).

But even a simple and free program such as EAC can accomplish this or Dartpro 98

A simple search on Google yielded in the above mentioned results:


i have problem with the “fear of the dark” track.


Devices like Skipdoctor can remove scratches from a CD by repolishing the optic side.

To remove clicks from an audio extraction, the best program is by far deglitch :
It’s the only one perfectly tuned to detect clicks coming from read errors on CDs.