Audio Sampling Rate

Is it possible to change the given audio streams so that they share a common sampling rate? I am trying to merge two .avi files and it says that the audio streams do not share a common sampling rate. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

More likely a problem like CBR vs. VBR.

What samplingrates do they have?

First stream: 00005d91 / 00000000 = 23953.00000 samples/sec
Second stream: 00005eb1 / 00000001 = 24241.00000 samples/sec

Does this help? Chef

I would use VirtualDub, load file 1 into it, set video to direct stream copy and audio to no compression, then save as avi1. Same with file 2, but name it avi2.
Then load avi1, click append and load avi2 into it.
Then save as new file, you may recode the audio to your needs.