Audio ripping problems

Hey Guys - it be my first post so I thought I’d be nice and start out here ;).

I’m having issues ripping a set of Audio cds. When I insert the CD, it will spin around with the light on the CD drive flashing for around a minute, then just stop. When I double click the drive, it says “Please insert a disk into drive D:”.

All other audio, and data cds/dvds work fine in the drive - its just these three CD set that isn’t being recognized. I’ve had a small search for driver updates with no success, so I’m a little puzzled, hoping you guys maybe be able to shed some light on the situation?

A few small computer tech specs may/may not help you out:
Win XP Professional
Toshiba Satellite M60 laptop

Any helps appreciated, thanks guys!

Welcome to CDF [B]Azztech[/B].

Are these 3 CDs original or copies/compilations? If original gives some details about them please.

Can they be recognised on another PC?

Not sure that I’ll be able to help but these are the questions that others more qualified would need answering


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve always found the forums can provide helpful information (more than our friends at technical support, anyway ;))

The CD’s are original. It’s the Queen greatest hits “platinum collection”, with a “Parlophone” symbol on the cover.

They were recognized on another computer, but oddly enough, I’ve tried to rip this on another Toshiba computer without any success.

Appreciate the assistance.

I like your taste in music.

I can’t help but all the info that others might need is present here now.

Best of luck with this.

How old is your machine?

I had issues like this…not recognizing certain discs…with my Sony laptop…2 years old and driven hard…about six months ago…

Replaced the drive…everything works sweet now

A little under a year and a half old… I doubt I’ll goto the trouble of replacing the drive just for a few CDs, but thanks for the advice. Anything else worth considering?