Audio Ripper Software from Audio CD to WMA Files?

Audio Ripper Software from Audio CD to WMA Files?

I have a “technical question” for the audio ripper experts:

I want to rip audio CDs to WMA files on my hard disk drive,
but I do not want to use Windows Media Player 7 or 7.1.
because of its reputation as spyware and bloatware.
I have also heard that there is a “new” codec for WMA 8
or something like that which permits “improved” audio fidelity.
( I am using Windows 98 Second Edition as my operating system. )

I noticed that on Real Jukebox Plus 2 ( D’oh! ) that the
security feature is auto-enabled for WMA files and I can not
disable it for WMA files. I have the latest updates.

( I have been previously informed and have confirmed that MusicMatch and Easy CD Creator can rip audio CD tracks to WMA files without DRM ( Digital Rights Managment aka Security Options ) but only up to 128 kbps bitrate, not higher bitrates like 160 kbps or 192 kbps. )

I was wondering if you might be able to help me to recommend
a software application so that I might rip audio cd tracks to WMA files onto my hard disk drive at the very best quality
( I think like WMA 8 if available and highest bit rates available for WMA, say like 190 or 192 Kbps) ? Freeware is nice, or something like that? Shareware if you must.

I understand that WMA files are supposed to be smaller in filesize than MP3 files and supposed to sound good too. I just wanted to try them out that’s all.

Why I am interested: I have a portable cd player which plays back both MP3 and WMA CDs, i.e. data CDs with those type of files. And I don’t want to encode to WMA if it has the security feature forced on me as then I won’t be able to “share” my music that I have ripped to hard drive.

Thanks for you understanding and help with this request of mine. I am still a newbie at cd software per se, and I wasn’t sure about where to exactly post this on the forum…

Thanks in advance!


I’m not sure but maybe you can see at dbpoweramp
dbpoweramp does the conversion but i dont know the bitrate possibility because i never used it this way
i use it for *.wma to *.wav

i hope you understand my english

First you rip the audio-cd with audiograbber so you have .wav files. Then you can simply convert them to any format you want!