Audio recording challenge

Hello Folks,

I have this audio recoding challenge that will need help beyond my limitted skills. Thank you in advance.

I have a High cirteria’s TotalRecorder installed on my system, when I set the audio playback to “Playback through TotalRecocorder”, the audio from the following file is bubbly–voice in water:

With the same setting, when I listen an audio CD or a radio station, the audion is OK, its only when I tried to listen to things like the above file that the audio is bubbly.

When I switched that setting to the native “SoundMAX digital Audio,” the file above plays beautifully.

The Challenge:

Now and then, I would like to record portion of these files to use during offline. I tried doing so with TotalRecorder, but it would not allow me to record unless I change the play-back option back to “TotalRecorder”. Doing so would make these files bubbly again.

I installed Audacity, but it hangs.

SO I am stuck. What other method of recording would allow me to record these files while the playback setting is at “soundmax”? Are there other softwares that I can use?

Again, many thanks for your great support.


Any thought at all would be appreciated. For those of you with experiences with Audacity, how successful have you been? I don’t quite understand why it would hang in my system.

Thanks again in advance for you help.

I would like to help you but have not suffered as you have with this problem. Also I personally have no knowledge of the software you are using. Perhaps someone else on the board can help?


Thank you for the thought. Yes, you are right, there are many talented and helpful folks in this group, and perhaps, they just haven’t read the post.

I am glad you have not run into this situation before. If I may ask, waht software do you use for your audio recording on you PC?

Thanks again,