Audio quality on VCD - lower than music -help?

it seems, that the quality of the dialogs on the VCDs is much poorer , than on original AVI file. Even compared to the songs, the dialogs are not that loud and distinctive.
Is this normal , coused by the overall lower quality of the VCD method, compared to DVD or SVCD ? or there’s a way to make the audio better ?

A divx normally has mp3 audio. While a VCD or SVCD has MP2 audio, so a conversion needs to occur. So the final quality depends on the conversion software also. How did you convert your AVI to VCD ?

using your tutorials :bow:

oh, another thing i have noticed : sometimes, i get no audio on converted .mpg file at all, so i have to run virtualDub , even though TMPEGenc doesn’t say, that there was a mistake, or audio not supported, but VDub always shows VBR error. Just a side note :slight_smile:
Also, Do you think it results on quality of the VCD (video and audio) if i do audio separately (virtualDub) , because i find that method much, much faster, than regular, when the sourse file for both video/audio is the same avi. We are talking 2-3 times faster, if you extract the audio first, and then use converted WAV file as audio source.

As I say in the Tute, TMPGEnc cant handle VBR MP3’s. Use Nanbub to extract the MP3 audio and then convert that to WAV with BeSweet GUI or even WinAMP. All explained at the bottom of the Tute.

Always go with using VD/Nandub extracted audio if your comfortable with that. Yes its a lot quicker but a lot more complicated for the newbie.

cool, thanx !

and one more question : when i try to resize 2.3:1 widescreen movies, the quality always worse, than if i do it 1:1 VGA , like Divx movies.

I have never experienced that. The 2.3:1 converted to 16:9 are always a lot better when I have done them. The 2.3:1 has a lot smaller viewable screen than a 16:9 and since VCD has a fixed data rate (1150 bps) it can now be spread over a smaller area making a slightly sharper picture, but its substantially smaller so to see it properly you expand it when viewing. You then just loose everthiing you gained plus more.