Audio protections



I have a few questions about audio protections.

1)Which protections install drivers and is the install “silent” or is there a screen?

2)I currently use EAC to rip my music. Are there any additional things I have to do before ripping with eac? (Note I"m not a noob at EAC I rip my cd’s to the ubernet standard, see

3)If the drivers are installed how do I remove them?

Thanks in Advance


Personally I find that ripping CD’s protected by Cactus Data Shield 200 with EAC works a lot better if you do not use Secure Mode.
Change it to Fast Sync mode and all should be well. I have not tried any other protected CD’s.
Cactus Data Shield will try to install a software player when first inserting the CD.
A-Ray Scanner can detect this for you.



Alpha Audio, MediaMax, CDS300 & Sont Protection to name a few…there s only info to remove to the mediamax trojans, no info on the others. You should disable auto run or it is a security risk for virii, trojans and many other things! The new version of windows will have this feature removed but that’s 2 years away.

Many people do NOT understand that this so-called software copy protections is a trojan that messes up your ASPI layers, and idenifies which disk it is used on (MediaMax used the lable of the CD STUPID!) it really shouldn’t be legal in my opinion. The trojan is loaded w/o you knowing it (dangerous virii, spyware, adware and other trojans maybe loaded this way too) auto run is a “Security Risk” disable it or risk infection.