Audio Protections


I hear that plextor burners are good for making backups of audio protected cds. I am getting rid of my plextor burner but still have a plextor reader, my questions are;

Can the ultra plex wide beat copy protections?
What i mean by this is can the ultra plex wide read the data from an audio protected cd and write it to an image file on the hd?

If it can than why does it matter what kind of burner you have?
Couldnt i write that image to a blank cd regardless of the cdrw?

Indeed, the burner is of no influence when backing up protected audio cds. Your Plextor Px-40ts is very good for ripping protected audio cds. See the last item in my signature for more info.

Indeed, the UltraPlex40 is an excellent drive for defeating audio protections. This drive is even better than the current Plextor recorders because it can extract CDS100 V3 discs. If you have the old hardware revision (fw. 1.0x, TLA XX0X) you will be able to extract DOC.loc discs.