Audio Protections?

I want to protect my favorite CDs from being illegal copied:(
Are there any useful soft-wares I can use;)
Please give me some suggestions…

there are softwares out there that do that but clone cd and the like just rip through them. by the way, whats gotten into you that you want to protect your cds. has the spirit is the RIAA gotten into you. just make normal copies and enjoy without all this hassell.:wink:

Using the search migh help too, this has been asked several times before.

Perhaps you can do a search on ‘Freelock’ I believe that is one way to protect your CDs

Easy Audio Lock


I suggest you do some googling to find them.

Also check this and this out

All data which can be written by a normal CD-writer, can be read again. There is no real protection against copying this way.
If you wanna prevent others, using your copies, the only way is to encrypt the data …