Audio Protection CDS300 MediaMax?

Hi all.

It seems to me that CDS300 and Media Max by sunncomm are allmost the same. Has anyone already spotted it?

I posted this on a news react yesterday @


OK And what about inserting the cd before windows boots. for example go to your bios incert the disc. start the system. login. start clonecd or BW. create a single session only copy. rip from the copy. Thats how i defeat all audio copy protections … k2a, cds100, 200 docloc. with my plex40TSI and toshiba cdrom. By the way. I never had any trouble with reading CDS200 (same as mediamx) etc. when using Plextools Single Session ONLY drive enabled. good bya multisession protection schemes

I found this intresting information on the website under support:
Question - Can I play MediaMax CDs on Linux computers?
Answer - Yes and no. MediaMax does not support the Linux operating system, so you will not have access to the bonus features included on the CD. However, Linux systems can play the audio portion of the CD normally, just the same as they would any other music CD.

What do you all think about this. Because when i read that auto launch is defeated it will install itself WITHOUT notification. And i think that it WILL be tackled by inserting the disc before windows boots. Widows will check the disc when starting to see is something is in it. After that you LOG ON to your system start clone cd or BW and so on.



I copied every protection as you can read above. What do you think about this???

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