Audio Problems

I want to back-up an audio cd…
But it is protected by CDS200…
I have tried to read the disc with CloneCD…
But the image file is still incorrect:a
The second song starts at the middle of Track 2 and ends
at the middle of Track 3…:confused:
It seems like all the INDEX 01 information was wrong?!?!
Can anybody give me a hand ? :wink:
CloenCD : 4.016
Setting : 16x reading speed for audio
read sub-channel data from audio tracks
read sub-channel data from data tracks
MAX speed for data
fast error skip=automatic
intelligent bad sector scanner=100
Reader : RICOH MP7083A

  • I wnat to make a 100% back-up,so I didn’t check
    “only read first session”…I know I will succeed that way…*

I am not sure but the Ricoh MP7083A may not accurately read this protection…do you have a stand alone reader…

You will never get a 100% backup, even if you try to copy the data-part of a CDS200 cd. CloneCD always modifies something to the TOC which results in the cd being unprotected (that is: readable by any cdrom-player)… So if you need the cactusplayer ( :Z ), than you want to copy the second session, otherwise I would just recommend to use the audio profile with the option ‘read first session only’ flagged (and make your own mp3 collection if you want to…).


very interesting…nice that clonecd removes the protection…right???