Audio Problems with Nero 7 Vision Express

Help, I am capturing some home VHS tapes with Nero Vision. VHS has no audio, so I’ve added audio from CD’s. When I play the movie in Nero Vision everything looks and sound good on my computer. I’ve taken the audio from cd’s using Nero 7 saving as mp3 and / or wav and imported into program as both. I’ve even listened to these audio files in Windows Media Player and Itunes and the music sounds fine on my computer.

After I’ve converted the movie to DVD and burned (using Nero Vision), the resultand audio sounds poor. It sounds like only 1 channel of stereo song was written to DVD. In Nero Vision I can put audio in one of two tracks, so I took the audio file and put it in both tracks, the sound on the burned DVD was still only one channel, playing on both of my systems speakers. (reason I say it’s one channel is becasue one of the songs is yellow submarine, and in the original cd, music is in both channels, but audio is only in one), in the burned DVD, I can hear the music, but barely hear the audio.

Any ideas would be appreciated. :bow:

Try converting the audio to AC3, 48hz

Thanks for the info, it worked.
Still the audio sounds tin-ny compared to computer sound. :clap: