Audio Problems with CloneDvd2

Movies are copying fine, but you can only hear the directors commentary when playing. This just started happening, and has happened on two different movies(Big Mommas House2, and The family Stone). Has anyone ever had this problem? How do I fix it???

when you have copied the movie, you have probably selected the wrong audio stream, being the directors commentary. Redo the movie, but make sure the correct (or all if your not sure) audio streams are selected. Welcome to the forum :wink:

Thanks, I hase re-started and selected all english audio streams. Hopefully it works. Im still not sure how any streams would have gotten de-selected??? I will let you know if it works. Thanks Againg.

its ok, id recommend making an iso, then mounting it on a virtual drive. any problems and this will save you a disk :wink:

Your suggestion worked to fix the problem. Dont want to sound like a “new guy”, but Im not sure how to make an iso, then mount it on a virtual drive yet. Ive never had this problem before, and to be honest, Ive only made about 3 coasters since I started using AnyDvd & CloneDvd a little over a year ago. For some reason, the movies audio stream would automatically be de-selected when the copy was started???

I am also having the same problem with directors comments on recently copied movies. I had no problem with “Big Mamma House 2” or “The Family Stone”. But “Nanny McPhee” just irks me. Even if I go to the menu on my copy and turn off directors comments (which by the way is check “on” by default), the commentary still stays on. I had the same problem with an older movie called “Route 66”. I then copied it using Creator 7.5 and it copied perfectly. I’ve just notice this problem with the newest version of Clone DVD 2. I’m ready to re-install the previous version to see if this fixes the problem. I’ve tried checking and unchecking all audio streams. Nothing fixes this problem with certain movies. Anyone have any ideas?

I re-installed the previous version of Clone DVD 2 and checked the Audio 3/6 which was not picked by default by the program. No more actor commentary.