Audio Problems During Playback

As a newbie to this forum and being a bit naive in the world of computer jargon, I may be repeating problems previously discussed, but I am not too sure of how to locate the threads/topics as I don’t know how to be specific in my searches.
Having explained that, my problem concerns audio that starts breaking up and becomes unlistenable on Dvd’s I have authored.
Having gotten the files, I have been using PowerPoducer Gold 2.0 to author and edit my dvd content. Then burn using the same program on an LG Dvd burner (GSA-4120B) on TDK DVD-R discs.
When I playback on an LG DV5502P (inexpensive) player the sound starts to break up sometimes only after a minute or two. If I stop or pause and then play again, the sound will be OK for a while, then deteriorate again. I have no problem with store bought Dvd’s. Audio Cd’s burnt on this device sometimes also play with a bit of a crackle or buzz.
I appreciate that it it is a bit of a vague query, but any suggestions of where to start diagnosing this annoying problem would be appreciated.

Right off the bat, I would say to try some other authoring softwares and see if that helps. Make sure you encode at high quality settings, or bitrates between 8000 and 9000. Make sure your audio is ac-3.

Thanks for your response, as a novice I can understand your advice up to a point, what do you mean by ac-3?