Audio Problem

I’ve been watching movies that are on my hard drive, and it has been working fine, for some reason, when I went to watch one today, the audio was playing faster than the video and quickly got minutes ahead. But, whenever I click on the timeline where the marker is, the audio and video realign. Also, movies that worked before now show this problem too, so I know its something with the actual media players. I’ve tried Realplayer, Windows media player, and Nero Showtime, but all of them show the same problem.

Any solutions?

I didn’t see any “Edit” button so I guess I gotta post again.

I made a revelation this morning about what’s wrong. I know its pretty stupid to confuse the two but I played the same movie this morning and I realised that the audio sounded fine and wasnt speeded up. It was really the video that was slowed down.

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any new program, or codecs installed before it started playing funny? also, are you doing other things in the background to use up your cpu???