Audio Problem with lion king 1.5

Hey I need some help. I just copied Lion King 1 1/2 using anyDVD and cloneDVD. There were like 4 main movie files, all with a different angle. 40 angle 1 40 angle 2 and 41 angle 1 41 angle 2. I chose the first one 40 angle 1, because this is the one clonedvd chose. From there I went on to the audio part and choose English audio and dolby ac-3 and DTS. Finally I burned straight to disk. The problem is that there is no sound. I can go to my audio menu and both ac-3 and dts are listed, but no matter which one I chose there is no sound. Did I do something wrong? I’m not sure if it has anything to do with all the different angle options. Please help. If you need additional info please let me know. I’ve burned movies before with this software and never had any problems. So I am getting frustrated.


Haven’t tried it with Clone DVD but I used DVD Shrink and burned the entire movie with very little if no compression. It is a pretty small movie.

Here in Holland the movie is called Lion King 3 and it’s nearly 7 gig and no DTS only 5.1 region 2 did the movie with clonddvd sneak left out some things came out fine…

When playing back, try a different sound track on your DVD remote. Maybe you just left out the default sound track.

I had the same problem and tried several different methods but ended up with a movie with no soundtrack. I think the soundtrack is hidden in one of those many files. Since it is a disney movie it is filled with a bunch of commercial junk and I think the sound files are hidden amongst those.

i eventually fixed the problem by just cloning the dvd.