Audio Problem; Movies in iTunes

Hello Everyone,

When DVDFab has completed burning the movie to my hard drive, and I have put the movie into iTunes, the audio is very low. This is my first time putting a movie into iTunes, is it common for the audio to be so low?

I have the audio on iTunes and on my laptop at 100 percent. Also there is an option to adjust the audio in DVDFab up to 500 percent. I am not sure at level it should be at. I tried it at 500 percent, and it sounded horrible.

If you have had this same problem, can you help me out.

Thank you

I put my movies in itunes all the time. When I convert them to MPEG4, I always configure the volume at 150%. That seems to be good for listening with either headphones or speakers on my ipod. I’m sure you could go 200% without distortion if you want it a little louder.