Audio problem is freaking me out!



I burned some mp3s on a cd with a Lg gsa-4167b dvd recorder and Nero 7.
It worked fine, then i got to do it again…and don’t know why i got little skips and statics in the audio.
It’s really strange, my cd player never start playing the first track so i got to skip tp the second, one mp3 is burned with no audio (!!!).
Tried everything, changed dvd recorder with another (same model), changed burn speed, changed software (easy cd), formatted my pc…nothing changes!!
I can’t understand.
Could it be something on my audio drivers?
I really don’t know, i’m going nuts!!
Please someone help me


Erm. Do you get the problems with the same tracks? Which are different from the tracks you burned the first time?
If that is so, the problem is likely to be that the mp3-s are VBR (variable bit rate), which become tricky when you try to burn them to an audio CD. :-/
Maybe an entirely different problem, but that’s the occasion when I got a similar - skips and statics - problem with audio CD.


No the mp3s are exactly the same i’ve burned before.
They’re all in vbr but i always used to burn vbr mp3s with no problem.
I also tried different cds, now i’m using verbatim printable, and before i never had problem with these.