Audio Problem After Nero Burn



I have an avi video file that I wanted to convert to dvd so that I could burn it with Nero’s Burning ROM. I used convertxtodvd, which subsequently created the two folders (Audio_ts, Video_ts) with all the .vob, .ifo, .bup files. I then used Nero’s Burning ROM to burn the dvd-video. After the burn, I can playback the dvd on my computer with no problem, but when i put the dvd in a standalone player it plays fine except the audio is heavily distorted but it’s not out of sync at all. Any help with what the problem could be would be appreciated.


anyone? if i wasn’t clear enough, basically i burned a dvd using nero’s burning rom, and the audio on the dvd sounds terrible on a standalone dvd player but sounds fine on my computer.


Yes I also experienced the same problem with ConvertXtoDVD. Why don’t you try burning the avi file directly from Nero Vision.


What was the audio type before conversion?

Gspot or Avicodec will tell you that.

And what did you convert it to in CXD?


Before the conversion it was PCM, CBR and afterwards AC3 DVM.