Audio Pops/Scratches (Only) When Creating NeroDigital .mp4 w/ TWO audio tracks

Hi - I’ve developed an issue I’ve never had before, and would like some advice.

I was attempting to use the latest version of Nero Recode 2 ( (I also tried many earlier versions without success) to encode the main movie of a DVD to a nero digital .mp4 … using the option to encode TWO different audio tracks (#1 being the Main 5.1 audio and #2 being the Director’s Commentary).

I successfully encoded and played back versions of the .mp4 with just one or the other audio track - so it isn’t that I don’t have the correct codec for recording or decoding the audio.

I just wasn’t able to make a file that contained BOTH tracks without playback being marred by loud Snaps, Crackels, and Pops. However, I was able to hear the correct audio tracks underneath the noise - both were there and selectable.

The video quality was unaffected - and excellent.

I HAVE succeeded in doing this before. However, it was a long time ago. ODDLY, I AM able to play back both audio tracks (with no errors) from such a recording I made long ago.

Contributing factors:

Windows XP Media Center(?)
Pinnacle Studio 9 & 10(?)
Windows Media Player 11 Beta(?)

Currently, Nero works flawlessly except for this problem. My Media Center is set up just like I like it, and I can play back Nero .mp4’s (in addition to quicktime .mov’s, real .rm’s, divx & xvid .avi’s, and of course .wmv’s) through my media center interface.

It is this newfound love of Media Center that has caused me to want to archive a few of my favorite DVD’s on my PC hard drive - and why I’ve revisited Nero’s (exclusive?) ability to record single .mp4 files with multiple selectable & discrete audio tracks.

However, this new occurance sure has me buggered.

I’d appreciate any input at all from you folks. Thanks!

Blue skies,


The exact same thing happened to me this spring after I installed RatDVD. I tried everything and nothing fixed it.

The only thing that did work was a clean install of windows XP.

Yikes! I DID just install RatDVD myself. I can’t recall which came first, though. A clean install, huh? You hear of anyone else in this boat since then?

Nope, I have not heard of anyone else with that problem. But since I did a clean install of XP, I have not reinstalled RatDVD wich wasn’t usefull to me anyway and everything works perfectly everytime.

I’m using version of Recode 2 and I always encode with two 5.1 soundtracks (English and French).

I known it’s a pain in the …, but we should all do it once a year at least. Best of luck.

Hmm, recently returned to XP MCE from Vista, installed latest Nero 6 build, on a clean OS, and still experiencing same problem as above. Ugh!