Audio Player that read data file?

I have burned some audio CD’s which include a data file with ‘track info etc’. The program I used was Veritas Record Now DX. I can insert my CD’s into my drive and the data will show up in Roxio’s Sound Stream program and Jewel Case Program -.

But this info won’t show up in either of my Media Players - i.e. Window Media Player 9, or Creative Labs “Creative Play Center”.

Are there any player which will read these data files - so that when your playing your music on your computer the track titles etc. display.

Windows Media Player will of course register the info on MP3’s downloaded off the internet - but I want something that reads the data files which are burned onto the discs.

Any info greatly appreciated




Wow - thanks for those links.

I apologize for not having done a search to find the links myself - didn’t know how to express it in two words i.e CD text. Just ran across it as an option on my new CD/DVD player today.

So really - I do appreciate your having provided me with the links - so I could not only find a program that plays it - but understand a bit about the technology.