Audio playback on PX-4824A

I have a PX-4824A running 1.05 firmware.

Using Plextools Pro 2.07 AudioCD player.
I load an audio CD, the player software recognises the disk as audio. I then select and play a track - for first 18 to 20 secs drive runs at high speed, then afterwards it runs at low speed. I stop playing the track, and then start playing another track. Same thing, first 18 - 20 secs high speed, then low speed.

Using MS media player or RealOne player it is similar except that it is only the first time that a track is played that the high speed burst happens.

This behaviour is an bit annoying, but would not normally affect me because on my PC I have a CD-ROM which I can use for audio playback and a CD-RW which I can use for copying and ripping.
However I’m looking for a CD-RW for a PC that has only room for 1 CD drive, so that drive must be a suitable audio player as well as a CD burner.

I’ve been in touch with Plextor support and they say this is expected behaviour and their newer drives perform similarly.
But I would have thought after an audio CD is loaded the drive should know the CD type and so when the first track is played the drive could simply spin at low speed from the start.

The PX-4824A is the only CD writer I’ve used, but I’ve not observed this type of behaviour with any CD readers I’ve used in the past. Do other CD writers behave like this ?

Originally I was thinking of getting a PX-5224A for this single drive PC, an alternative being the Liteon 52327S. But does the Liteon behave any differently to my PX-4824A ?