Audio Path on LVW-5007, anyone know how to fix this?

:sad: Help! You guys & gals maybe have probably witnessed it.

On LVW5007, the analog audio output path (red and white L & R RCA-jack) , when put into my TV monitor Aux audio input, is severely attenuated from the normal TV volume (same level-set) when TV tuner is selected.

I called 1-888-…, asked about if this was due to need of firmware Upgrade, Nah, they never heard of the problem. The Nov 2004 upgrade only fixed the Calender issue.
So they told me to get another unit form Sears.
All of the Sears models I could see are Ser # 6024390xxxxx, so all i did was end up exchanging one unit for another, with the last 5 digits being the only Diff.

Did getting another unit fix the Analog Audio problem, …Nope!

So to prove i am not going nuts, I hooked up a VCR , and normal audio volume came thru TV using Red and White paths.
Normal audio volume came thru TV when using Red and White paths form the VCR.
Then I hooked up a Samsung DVD/VCR , and normal audio volume came thru TV while using Red and White paths.

So I cannot get LiteOn to admit to a bug in the analog Audio ports. Any ideas?