Audio overridden by director's commentary



Am perplexed by a problem:
Movie audio track is overridden by director’s commentary
Have noted this problem on several movies of late
I am using CloneDVD (version and AnyDVD (version
AMD XP-1700
1024 RAM
Plextor DVDR PX-712A (have latest firmware for drive)
20 GIG dedicated partition (for ripping space)
CloneDVD is set to delete files after burn is completed
Defragement hard drives frequently
I Turn off anti-virus and screensaver during copy/burn
Can anybody offer suggestions/solutions ?
Thank you for your time


In CloneDVD2 uncheck the box for any AC 3\2 audio streams this is typically the directors commentary audio. Keep the AC 3\6 audio stream, this will be the movie audio.


youre right - I just maked the same mistake today with Shall We Dance - but I found the problem as you said above.