Audio out of sync


I got several .avi’s i’d like to put on to DVD’s

I make the DVD using Nerovision express and the audio is dalayed…allot
I mean theres a gunshot and then you hear it 20 seconds later, im not sure what this is, im pretty new to encoding DVD’s

If you could help or tewll me how to solve this, please do
Thanks in advance

It’s Nero I’m afraid :frowning:
I don’t know why, but on some files it will be fine, but on others it seems to go wild. I think it could be if it finds a frame it does not like, it wont include it. Times that by 100 frames (over a 2 hour period) and you get a pretty big lip sync problem!
Have a look in the transcoding forum for Chickenman’s excellent tutorials on how to (properly) convert AVI’s to DVD.

I use nero as well and have found the same problem, more like 3-5 seconds on mine, but annoying! Really can’t solve it myself…
let me know if you found an answer!!!

I went back and tried to burn the same video file on my hard drive to DVD using a different program, WinDVD, and it was perfect! No Audio delay!
It’s definately gotta be Nero. I guess I’ll plan on using Nero for only certain things.
I’d recommend trying a different program-
Good luck-