Audio out of sync

Is there a tool that can work out exactly how much offset to give an avi wether it be + or - in milliseconds rather than fiddling around dozens and dozens of times to try and get it right. Would it matter that the ripped mp3 file from the avi file was converted to wave in a program that has no relationship to video? - maybe reference points (interleaving?) are lost in this process.



If you are using VBR in AVI, don’t, or if you do, at least use AVI-Mux GUI (Made by alexnoe :bigsmile: ).

But unfortunately, fiddling around with delays (Use Nandub for this) would be pretty much the only way to fix the delay problem.

another rather common cause of out of sync audio is incorrect frame rates. For example, DVD2AVI will set a framerate of 23.975 when it’s supposed to be 23.976. It doesn’t matter in the begining, but latter on it does.
You can check / fix this with Virtual Dub. Click on Video, and select Frame Rate. Then check “Change so video and audio durrations match”
Good luck! :slight_smile: