Audio out of sync

I use DVD flick all the time with no problem, except for now. An important DVD i have burned using flick from an .avi file, is out of sync. I have tried virtualdub before. No matter how many times i try to use it, or how many tutorials i read, it never cures anything. Any help would be appreciated.

Get the free trial for VideoReDo TV Suite. Import the dvd you made in DVDFlick into VideoRedo, and then run the Quickstream Fix tool. It should solve the audio/video sync problem.

I’ve only used the Quickstream fix tool on mpeg2 files before authoring to dvd-video format, but it has worked well for those.

In VideoRedo TV Suite, combine the vob files when you import them, run the Quickstream Fix tool, then Save as DVD. This will reauthor the video into dvd-video format. You can make a menu at this point if you wish.

I’ve used VideoReDo Plus, not TV Suite, so not too familiar with the controls for making a dvd-video in that program. You might have to hit Create DVD instead of Save as DVD.