Audio out of sync

Hi im using xilisoft avi to dvd and sometimes after i burn to dvd the audio is out of sync with the video or sometimes the movie jumps like its scratched what can i do to improve the quality i have the quality set to high already

Use a better conversion program.

There are many good conversion programs available that are free to download and use without restrictions. They include FAVC, DVDFlick and AVStoDVD. All easily found via Google. Or look them up over at

A commercial product that is well liked around here is ConvertXtoDVD.

so basicly i wasted my money on a crap programe?

You won’t find many people around here defending the quality of xilisoft products.

ok thank you i just purchased convertxtodvd so im gonna give that a shot

what speed do you recomend i burn at

Depends on the media and which burner you have. We recommend Verbatim as a safe choice for media. Many of us burn it at 12x or 8x.

If you are using lesser quality media, try burning at half the rated speed of the disks. That is a general guideline.

I have a lite-on dvd rw lh-20a1p

and the media is very good quality

id suggest also checking your codecs… these may, im not certain affect audio in converted videos as im sure the program you use will use the codecs while converting the video

i downloaded the k lite codec pack a while ago… it helps me on most occasions.

yea i have the k-lite codec pack already
convertXtodvd works perfectly thank you