Audio out of sync with video

hi, i downloaded an mp4 video, watchmen, and its for the PSP. Halfway through the movie, and i do know where, theres a 2 second gap between the guys word. So its equipp…ed. this obviously leads to the audio being late. Half the movie its fine, but the second half its now. So i used pazera audio extracter, got the mp3, used adobe audacity to crop out the gap between the word, and the audios fine. 1 problem, I have no clue how to rejoin the MP4 and MP3 files. I used YAMB 1.6.0 but that doesnt work unless im doing it wrong.

I tried the tab MUX anda dded both MP3 and the extracted (no audio) mp4. That didnt work on the computer and there was no audio on the PSP

I tried the JOIN tab, and did the same as the above. Same results.

SOOO my question is, is tehre any way to merge the MP3 file that is smooth and not late, with the audio lacking MP4 file.


please helpp

Sorry, I didn’t realize ‘watchmen’ was a movie. This is copyright material and if you’d read the rules, you’d realize that is not appropriate on this forum. For reference, you can read them here: . I must now close this thread.