Audio out of sync with pvp option

Hi, i am trying out the trial version of DVDFAB Platinum, to make backup copies of my movies. and the full disk/clone options are working great for me. :smiley:

I also have an Archos AV500, so as i make the backups i am tyring to rip them to AVI files for the player. It seems that about half the time the audio gets out of sync from the video. :confused: Sometimes it happens early in the movie, sometimes it happens later through the movie.

It is out of sunc on the HDD before it gets transfered to the player. have tried several players on the PC to make sure it wasnt as player problem.

I am currently using version
My PC specs:
AMD Athlon64 3800+
2gb ram
Nvidia geforce 7600gt (pci-e)
2 150gb sata2 drives as a raid stripe set
lite-on LH-20a1p dvd writer
SoundMax soundcard (integrated on MB)

Here are a couple of the DVDs i am have the sync issues with:
V for Vendetta
Independence Day
Ghost rider
and others.

Hi cklint,

Please tell us the detail version of discs, so that we can test them.

If possible, please post amazon link for the discs, thanks.

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Here are the ones i mentioned, I have been messing with the settings in the software by removing the subtrack and keeping the resolution at 480x360 or less and it seems to be somewhat better with the newest version (, still have the issue with some disks but after several attempts i am getting more copies that are now in sync.

This one starts fine but gets out of sync when he tells his girl that he is the ghost rider

Hi cklint,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:

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