Audio out of Sync with DivX to DVD!



Hey guys!!
How r u all?? Well as you can see im a newbie at all of this downloading and converting and putting on to DVD! SO i thought id come and ask you guys for some help!! Well i have used DivX to DVD and have successfully able to put them on to DVD and play them fine on the player! However though ive downloaded a couple of movies such as history of violence and when i play them in their AVI format they work fine and dandy! Then when i convert on DivX to DVD and then watch them on comp the lip sync is out of place! I hear them speak then their mouths move?! Is there a way to fix this?? I would be very grateful for any suggestions!! Thank you very much!
From Sunflower.xx


I think you should read the forum rules (again).


oops…im sorry my bad