Audio out of sync when i burn dvd's

Ok guys i saw one post about the same problem but i couldnt understand because there were so many programs and instructions i could not seem to catch on because im new to this and do you guys know how agrravating it is to think you have it right you wait about two hours for it to get done then you play it in the dvd player and it doesnt work i wasted a whole roll of dvd-r’s trying to get so if anyone can tell me exactly what i would need to burn the dvd’s with audio in sync i would would appreciate it alot.I have a converting program i use my video converter and to burn the dvd i use nero burning rom 10 but i just need to know what to do to get the audio and video to play together please help

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It sounds like you are converting video files (of unknown type) to dvd-video. Though we are in the dark a bit on what types you are starting with, I normally suggest one particular conversion program for this process, since it has proved reliable and can output in very high quality. That program is called AVStoDVD, and is free to download and use. You can find it here:

AVStoDVD can be set up to burn automatically with an excellent burning program called ImgBurn. ImgBurn is also free and included in the download package. You can also install it separately…I recommend this, since you can go in and set the burning speed to less than maximum before you start your encoding process with AVStoDVD. Set it to 8x or 12x, and ImgBurn will remember that speed setting until you change it. You can download ImgBurn here: It will coexist with Nero with no conflicts.

Hi and thanks for the info ill try it out and let you know and im trying to convert avi files to dvd format but like i said the only problem was the audio not matching up if this helps i download my movies from

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