Audio out of sync when dubbing from VHS in EP

Hi! This is probably a newbie question, so feel free to move this if need be.

I’ve been dubbing old VHS tapes onto DVD using my friend’s Samsung recorder (it’s an all-in-one; you pop the tape in, then hit “to DVD” and it records it onto DVD easily).

When dubbing tapes that were originally recorded in SP, the DVDs come out fine. But all the DVDs that came from tapes originally recorded in EP have the audio out of sync, and are also a little glitchy.

I set the DVD recording speed at HQ for every tape I dubbed. If I set the DVD recording speed to something lower for the EP tapes, will that fix the problem? Or do I have to physically re-dub my EP tapes into SP using two VCRs hooked up together? (Which would lower the quality, I’m guessing, since the tape is then second generation.)

I’m sorry that I don’t have the name/model of the Samsung recorder; I just discovered this problem tonight, after I left my friend’s house, and also just discovered this forum… otherwise, I would’ve written down the make and model, etc. Sorry to be so newbie-ish. Any help would be appreciated.