Audio Out of Sync problem after burning DVD


I recently bought a new PC and, for the first time have acces to some DVD burning technology.

I have downloaded some .AVI files and have attempted to create a DVD to play on my home player.

Some of these files have worked fine using Windows DVDmaker. However, with some I get an error message saying that the .AVI file is not valid or is corrupted.

In all cases the files have played fine on the PC.

Following some admittedly limited research, I found a utility that converts the files to an .mpg format. (It also creates a bunch of other files such as .ifo and .vob)

This file will now load into Dvdmaker and the dvd will burn, however that audio is now out of sync when the disc is played. Again the file (not the disc) plays fine on the PC.

I guess my question is twofold.

  1. Is there any solution to the original file not loading into Dvdmaker?

  2. Failing that, is there a workaround to the sync issue.

Please bear in mind that I am a novice when it comes to working with video, but any assistance would be gratefully received.

Many thanks for you time

Audo/Video sync problems are common when converting from avi to mpeg or dvd format. Your conversion program is taking you all the way to dvd format since you are getting ifo, bup and vob files.

Sometimes the problems start with the way the audio is encoded in the original avi files. Variable bitrate mp3 audio is a common culprit in these avi files. The solutions are not particularly simple.

Some encoders can handle these problems better than others. You didn’t mention which conversion program you were using, but there are a few I can recommend that will take you from avi to dvd and allow you to make menus if you like. FAVC, AVI2DVD, and DVDFlick are all free to use. ConvertXtoDVD is a commercial product that many around here like.

FAVC is a particularly good free program, since it can use a high quality mpeg encoder called HC. HC is free also and comes with FAVC.

VideoReDo Plus is a commercial product that can be used to fix sync problems in dvd or mpeg files if you want to try to adjust the files you have now. I would try the Quickstream fix tool first, then the Audio adjustment tool if that doesn’t work. There is a free trial for VideoReDo Plus if you’d like to try it.

Well maybe it is a bad/corrupted DL’d avi file…
Or maybe the original is MP3 VBR audio that DVDmaker doesn’t like…
Try a different proggy, FAVC or DVDFlick to convert from avi to DVD…
But does the original avi before conversion play in sync?

Guess you still have a quick draw after all kerry,


Thanks for the replies

The conversion is carried out using AviDvdBurner, but I will certainly try out the others.

I have tried tried doing something with tmpgenc authoring, but the resulting disc just wasn’t recognised by my dvd player.

And just to confirm that the original .avi plays fine.

Many thanks again

Have just downloaded FAVC.

I found the original .AVI file and loaded that into the Source Window - I didn’t touch any of the other options (eccept for selecting PAL as the output) - hit Generate DVD and got the following error message:

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B).

If I click Continue, the program crashes.

Once again, amy help would be much appreciated

Ok, I’ll bite. What error message?

Sorry Kerry - the thing got away from me there - hopefully corrected now

Haven’t seen that one.

Download a program called Gspot Video utility.

Open the avi with it and tell us what codecs were used in the video and audio. You could also just take a screenshot of Gspot and add it in your post (hit Go Advanced, then manage attachments to add the screenshot).

Edit: You do have Net 2.0 and AviSynth installed, yes? They were available at the FAVC homepage.

Also found this page about that error message.

By the way, are you using Vista? I’ve been poking around a little on that error message, and XP should have MDAC included (which is what the error message points to—missing MDAC). Vista’s version is also built in but called DAC 6.0.

I know FAVC is compatible with Vista, so I’m not sure why you are getting this error.

If using Vista, " Run as Administrator" might help.

Hi All

I did download the additional files - I just left the .EXE’s in the same folder as FAVC, but didn’t do anything else with them.

Have run GSpot.

For Video, it comes up with:

Codec:XVID Name:XviD MPEG-4

For Audio

Codec: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3

For both of them it says Codec Installed.

Just to confirm that the OS is Vista, and I am running it with administrator rights.

Again, many thanks

You have to install AviSynth. Vista already has the NET framework built in.

Thanks again for the reply.

Have now installed AviSynth, but the problem loading the file into FAVC remains.

What version are you using? some reported issues with 1.05 and so using 1.04 to fix ,maybe try that.
However latest version is 1.06…

Just checked - it’s 1.06

Ok, I’m officially out of ideas. You may have to contact the author directly, either through the email address at the main site for FAVC, or over at the doom9 forums. I think doom9 forum requires a waiting period after you register before you can start a thread, but you’ll eventually get an answer that way. Make sure to put the thread in the correct subforum—it has FAVC in the title.

In the meantime, you might try Avi2DVD since it can use the HC encoder also. Or DVDFlick or the trial version of ConvertXtoDVD.
Any of these should be able to convert an xvid file, even with an mp3 audio track.
Another commercial program you could try would be TMPGenc Author 3.

Hi Kerry

Just tried the trial of ConvertXtoDVD and it appears to have worked brilliantly. Am going to try 2nd one just to check, but it appears that we have success.

That being the case, it only remains for me to say thanks and hail you as some form of video superior being.

Glad you got something working Geeflax. But you know, the only thing superior about me is old fashioned stubbornness. :slight_smile:

Post back if you run into more problems.