Audio out of sync on standalone player



I’ve been watching many .avi files on my standalone divx player by philips, Now i’ve encountered the following problem:
On the last AVI file the audio when playing on the computer is in sync.
After burning it to DVD (as AVI data) (same way as I always do), the audio is about half a second out of sync throughout the movie.
AVInfo says zero delay problems,
If I compare the file with other working AVI’s using GSpot, I can’t find anything really different.

Anyone have any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix it?



Wrong conversion, the audio needs delay set.


even though AVInfo gives a result that there isn’t a delay problem?


Of course.

Have you used the same player for both sources??


I’m not quite sure what you mean? (sorry newbie)
I’ve downloaded the file,
burned it to dvd (as data) And then play it on my stand alone.
Every other avi works well this way, except for this one…

And on the computer this AVI plays perfectly in sync.
However, i havent tried playing it from the dvd on my computer, just from the HD. I’m at work right now so I can’t try this right now…


Yup, this would be a good idea.

It’s possible that there were encoding options used that your standalone won’t understand, like QPEL etc.