Audio out of sync on my file



Hey guys have massive probles with a paricular movie i extracted from about 48 rar files

Okay the problem is the movie works fine up unitl about 1 and a half hours in. At this time the audio jumps to another point in the movie and the video stays the same for the remaining of the movie. Which bites

So my question is how do i fix it i have been getting heaps of shit but none of it works i got g spot not sure what that is telling me and i got something called videofixer trying that as we speak and i got some codecs package as well but nothing thus far has helped

do u know what i need to do to fix the problem as i am pretty keen to watch my movie


Why does know one no the answer to my question?


We don’t know what format the movie is, and from the sound of things you downloaded it illegally, which is something we don’t cover here. Specifically.


hey gurm that file type is an avi


Sync problems generally occur more frequently during the capture phase (but not always). When working with internet files, it is impossible to know how good your source file is. There are some programs out that where you can edit the files and try to resync them. You will have to google to find them.


If it happened gradually, or was off for the entire duration, I’d suspect an AC3 encoding problem. But… if it happens suddenly, it’s a glitch in the AVI. Bad encoding from those warez monkeyz that you got the file from.


lol get repack amirite.


Sweet guys ill proabably just throw in the towel here i think it just might be the avi file is corrupted if i have anymore problems ill give u guys a bell again