Audio out of sync after compiling DVD



I have tried multiple software, and they all leave me with DVD’s that play out of sync. I have ruled out the DVD media/burner because they are out of sync after building the DVD. I am using synchronized mpeg-2 files. What should I be looking into?


Can someone please chime in? Can my issue have anything to do with the recording settings I have set for my TV tuner card? It seems as if the timecode is missing, because the videos play fine until demuxed.


Load the vobs into PgcEdit and go to Title > Rebuild Time Maps. I’ve found the plugin for PgcEdit works great also. That way you can see what is out of sync. I do it for all my backups.


Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll give it a try on my recordings. I just changed my TV tuner’s Encoder settings to “closed GOP” and my first recording burned in sync, going to try again and hope that this setting fixed my issue.


Nope, didn’t fix it.